About me

My name is Noelia. I am from Galicia, Spain.
I moved to London just a few days before Lockdown. Crazy times but, for me, it was the best. I would lose my job in Spain but I never stopped working here.

I studied Audiovisual, Radio and Show Production at IES Imaxe e Son (A Coruña) and Plastic Arts and Design in Artistic Photography at EIS Antón Faílde (Ourense)

My passion is Portrait Photography but I like take pictures to all around me.

I've worked in the hospitality industry for years and looking after children of different ages for a while. This makes me understand people more. How they think, their concerns, how to make them feel right, giving me a better understanding to be able to reflect them in my pictures.

Photography by Pol Cobas.

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

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